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Turn your unwanted Gold or Platinum jewelry into CASH!

Do you have a jewelry box full of gold or platinum jewelry that is either broken or you will never wear? You can take your unwanted or broken jewelry and make cash right now!
It's as easy as filling out this form!

Sell your jewelry now! Top dollar for broken gold & platinum!

We have been in the scrap gold buying business for over twelve years, and are a trusted source in the industry to give a fair market value for scrap gold based on its current value. We will take your jewelry, appraise its value, and send your money. It's that easy!

* Please keep in mind that your gold is being appraised for its purity and weight ONLY - not for the ornamental value of the piece. Any precious metals sold to us will be refined as scrap metal.

Gold is currently at an all time high, and your scrap gold may be worth more money than you think. Sell your unwanted jewelry and use your cash to pay bills, buy something special, or simply make money to put in the bank.

Find out how you can make $$$ for gold! Please read our gold redemption program terms and conditions. Send us your gold or platinum jewelry for a

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